Man Saves Scraps for Decades to Raise $400K for Children’s Home

When he recently visited Georgia Baptist Home for Children, Johnny Jennings finalized his mission which lasted for three decades. He visited the home first in 1985 when three boys tried to have him adopt them. He didn’t want to adopt, but he spent money to help them instead.

Jennings said about the situation, that when they were leaving, three boys hugged his knees and asked him if he will be their father.

He told them that he will help them in the way that he can and that situation had a big effect on him.

He started to visit churches, organizations, and businesses from that day onward and he took aluminum and paper materials. He had a lot of waste after 32 years.

Man Saves Scraps

He took it to recycling and he received $ 400,000 and he gave them to the home. Money was also given by his friends and supporters.

He also saved pennies and some people say that a penny can be earned if it’s saved. He has 24 miles of pennies saved. As Jennings says, a mile has 84,480 pennies in it. People from the churches mostly collected the pennies.

The president of Georgia Baptist Home for Children, Dr. Kenneth Thompson has praised the deeds of Jennings and has said that Johnny is a very noble person that has quietness and humbleness and concentration to help the people, but mostly he has a big liking for the children.

Source: Waxra

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