Studies Show Group Meditation Lowers Crime, Suicide, & Deaths In Surrounding Areas

Some theories claim that the meditation can improve the wellness of the people. However, its effects aren’t only for finding knowledge or reducing stress. It can also make changes in the world.

Changing the world doesn’t just mean changing the people who meditate. There is an effect on the surroundings and the other people when many people get to meditate at the same place at the same time.

The persons who don’t meditate can feel the effects of it. We will show some studies that have studied this effect.

The studies and their results.

The “Maharishi effect” happened in 1978 when 7000 people meditated over 3 weeks to have a positive effect on the surrounding city. They transformed the energy of the city and it had 16 percent fewer casualties, global crime rated and violence for the time of the meditation.

A change in the behavior of the people who weren’t meditation and didn’t know that other people were meditating was found out too. There were fewer automobile accidents and suicides.The activities of the terrorists were also reduced by 70 %.

In Psychology, crime and law there was a study that showed that in Merseyside, Great Britain the crime was reduced by 13 % while there were big groups of people meditating and in another controlled city where there weren’t big groups of people meditating the crime rates were unchanged.

The result of the study was: 255,000 fewer crimes happened than what would have been if the city followed the national variations. Other factors like police tactics, changes in the demographics and the economy can’t be reasons for the changes.

In Social Indicators Research another study has shown that the crime rate has been reduced by 15 % when 4000 people were meditating and other 50 studies have shown the similar results. The politics and sociology are testing the meditation because it has many positive effects on other people, but it’s been known for a long time that it has many psychological and health advantages.

Finding an explanation?

In physics there is a phenomenon known as the “Field effect”, it’s the secret of the Global Maharishi Effect and it’s the effect that happens when the field of infinite correlation creates positivity and coherence — the field of the smallest excitation of consciousness that refers to itself — a field of consciousness that is transcendental and it’s a base for creation and penetrates all life.

The meditation transfers the consciousness to levels of existence that are implicated and the intentions have consequences on the explicate levels that people interact with even before it manifests. The material rises from the consciousness.

There is a proposition called Unified Field or Super String Field and it assumes that all existence comes from the field of universal consciousness. In the field of consciousness, all levels of reality are affected by the frequency with which the superstrings vibrate because all the levels come out of the consciousness and it’s a base thing in the universe.

About the unified theory, the theoretical physicist Dr. John Hagelin has said good things about it. David Edwards, Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin has said that the research has potential impact that is bigger than the others psychological or social kinds of research.

Many other types of research in the conflict resolution field haven’t survived so many tests as it. The policy makers and the academics need to take the theory and the work seriously.

Source: The Spirit Science

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